Introduction and General Weeks Events

The podcast is back! How excited are you? Well, I can tell you that I am overjoyed to be bringing you the podcast in the new year. There are some changes that are happening. This week the podcast is a solo venture. I cannot promise when we will have more than one host, but it will happen in the future.

Now, what have I been up to? Well, I’m no longer playing on the druid, so you’ll have to deal with me talking about shamanistic things. But my shaman is fully leveled and geared enough to do LFR, so be ready to hear about all my travels in the future!

Main Topic – The Podcast Returns and Some Changes

We return the podcast on that most sacred of days, the first of January. But changes had to happen. Along with a better focus, and more regular content, you can be assured that we plan on growing the podcast slowly, and skillfully.

Oh, but we’ll still have fun!

Patreon Peeps

Nothing this week!

Reader Emails

A couple of emails reach us this week from the time machine. I went back and made sure we had finished answering all emails. To my surprise a couple emails popped up, ready for answers. So we get to talk about playing on RP servers, and about breaks from gaming. Enjoy!

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Hi there, Machik here.  I love the LoreCraft Podcast and bringing all of the fabulous lore and roleplay to you guys.  When this podcast started in August 2014, I had no idea I’d still be sharing my excitement of the lore this long.  Over the years I have handled all the financial details involved with the podcast myself.

But now I need your help.

This is a passion and love of mine, so the podcast will continue to be created as long as I love the game, but your support can help enhance it.  Stop over to our Patreon page and think about tossing a dollar or two our way.  The money we receive goes back into the podcast, covering hosting fees, website fees, etc. along with allowing us to purchase prizes for the giveaways we do.

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Thank you so much, and stay nerdy!

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