Introduction and General Weeks Events

We have Machik, Yamino and Floonrand. Floonrand decided to run Halls of Valor for his Monk class questline. Yet forgot to chat with the questgiver at the beginning. Yami continues to have terrible luck on mounts. And Machik did all of the available LFR.

Wait, did all three hosts this week actually play WoW! Amazing!

Fantasy Fables

No fables, still waiting for our first! Toss Machik and email, and he’ll add it to the Fantasy Fables storyline!

Addon Review – Storyline and Immersion

No Addon Review this week, but Machik has begun looking at TRP3 Extension and will be talking about it in the weeks to come.

Main Topic – Nighthold

The trifecta of the LoreCraft discusses Nighthold this week, along with Grand Magistrix Elisande. But before they get in too deep, they first have to chat about the Sanctum of Order and Duskwatch. You’re not sure what those are? Then listen in.

And in the end, it all comes down to Gul’dan. And Illidan. Where do we go from here? What abyss are we following Illidan into? Our hosts have answers, but they don’t always agree.

Questions and Answers

  • Leandro Mariano @lean_mariano
  • @MachikED Can I make a question for your next episode about lore? why are humans DK allowed in alliance but not the forsaken?
  • Firali Starshadow @Saiisil
  • @thelorecraft #craftiequestion what are your opinions on unattainable goals? Ie an undead seeking to become truly living again
  • Yami @Yaminohere
  • @thelorecraft #craftiequestion “does a dragon weigh as much as a dragon when it is in a shapeshift form?” >.>

Reader Emails

No emails this week. But that’s fine.  We’ll be back next week with more emails!

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