What does it take to be one of the oldest characters in World of Warcraft?  It takes a strong will, a willingness to fight, and smarts to pass on the most difficult tasks to new recruits.  And so we honor Marshal Douglas McBride this week for our Portraits of Warcraft.

Marshal Douglas McBride – A Wise Veteran

Now, if you’ve never heard the name Marshal McBride, then you’ve probably never played a human, or even worse, never played on the Alliance.  Marshal McBride is currently assigned to Northshire Valley and acts as the commander of the garrison there.  He watches over this valley with a sharp eye, but is constantly seeking help from players due to the numerous infestations occurring in the valley.

To begin with, you Blackrock spies and Blackrock worgs infesting the western side of the valley.  As you start your journey, Marshal McBride asks that you take care of these pests.  Understand that since the Cataclysm, he is undermanned, so your help is needed.  McBride is calm as he offers you these tasks, but you can see their is concern on his face.

Once you’ve taken care of that problem, the Marshal instructs you to train.  Then it’s back to clearing the north side of the valley.  This time it’s goblins and healing injured Stormwind infantry.  Though both these tasks come via Segeant Willem, you know that it’s trickle down from the Marshal.

The Final Mission for the Marshal McBride

Finally, there is the little task of taking care of the larger invasion in the east.  Those orcish cannibals have destroyed the land, and you must make one final push, clearing out the Blackrock and collecting their badges.  With the death of Kurtok the Slayer, Marshall McBride sends you on your way to Goldshire, but not before rewarding you handsomely.

So how does he do it?  How does he stay calm in the face of such adversity in a small valley tucked away from Stormwind.

Well, when you’re one of the oldest characters in Warcraft, you’ve been through it all.

So we salute you Marshal Douglas McBride!

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