TLCP #120 – Orcish Traditions

After many weeks of Alliance chatter, we move over to the Horde and talk about Orcish Traditions. And our focus is on the less known traditions.

TLCP #118 – Cairne Bloodhoof, Former High Chieftain

Long ago, the Tauren were led by Cairne Bloodhoof. Though he has passed on, his memory continues to resonate with Shu’halo players far and wide.

TLCP #117 – Three Sisters

This week we look at the comic Three Sisters, which covers the Windrunner sisters as they meet up and clean out their old homestead of nasty mobs.

TLCP #116 – Jaina and Daelin Proudmoore

Daelin Proudmoore, father of Jaina, and a character that changed the track of her life. Who is he, and why did his hatred become his downfall?

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