TLCP #122 – 4 Years and a New Xpac

This week we hit 4 years and we got a new expansion this month. So how does this affect Machik, after two weeks of vacation. He’s a bit expansion happy!

TLCP #121 – Warbringers Jaina

Warbringers Jaina comes to us this week, and it has Machik feeling snarky. Not because of the content, but because of the reaciont to the content.

TLCP #120 – Orcish Traditions

After many weeks of Alliance chatter, we move over to the Horde and talk about Orcish Traditions. And our focus is on the less known traditions.

TLCP #118 – Cairne Bloodhoof, Former High Chieftain

Long ago, the Tauren were led by Cairne Bloodhoof. Though he has passed on, his memory continues to resonate with Shu’halo players far and wide.

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