TLCP #095 – The Guardian Mother

Guardian Mother Aegwynn, victor over the Avatar of Sargeras, mother of Medivh, and all-powerful mage. What more is there to say?

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TLCP #094 – The Nighthold and Dragon Weight

Our crew visits the Nighthold this week. What wonders are there and why is it important? And of course, what does a dragon weigh in human form?

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TLCP #093 – State of the Lore

Machik decides it’s time to talk about the state of the lore in game for this expansion. And Yami disagrees. Will Floonrand find the middle ground?

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TLCP #092 – Floonrand and Roleplay

Floonrand and Roleplay. What do they have in common? Well, Floon is new to roleplay, and Machik picks his brain a bit on this weeks podcast.

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TLCP #091 – War of the Ancients and Ravencrest

This week we delve a bit into the War of the Ancients and see how Lord Ravencrest came to be the ghostly apparition we see in Blackrook Hold.

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