Join the LoreCraft Team

Hey all, the LoreCraft Podcast is looking to expand it’s offerings at the That means we’re looking for writers and possible guests for upcoming podcasts. If you’re interested, keep on reading.

About The LoreCraft Podcast

The LoreCraft Podcast started in August 2014 so that I could share my love for all things Lore and Roleplay related in the World of Warcraft. Over two years we went through ups and downs, but we’ve finally begun to stabalize. Our podcast covers a host of topics, including the history of Azeroth, roleplaying in World of Warcraft, and the overarching story of Warcraft through all media genres. Though the lore and roleplay didn’t begin my interest in Warcraft, it has kept it there. Our focus over the past two years has been on the podcast, I’m interested in creating written content for the website as well. Unfortunately I am but one person, and as such, I need some help.

So, we have two types of openings. Both are currently unpaid, as we are in the beginning stages of growing, but who knows where the road will take us.

Lore and Roleplay Authors

The first type of writer I am looking for are lore and roleplay authors. You will be tasked with creating content that covers lore and/or roleplay. The topics you cover will be suggested by you, so these will be articles that should show your passion. I am looking for 3 to 4 people to fill these roles. You’ll be tasked with an article a week, so if you don’t enjoy writing, this may not be the role for you.

Some of the skills I’m looking for include:

  • Excellent writing skills. Good grammar, spelling and tone are important.
  • Passion for writing about the Warcraft Universe.
  • Willingness to work with others as we build the LoreCraft.

We are an affirmative action employer, so all gnomes will indeed be considered.

So, if you wish to be a writer for the LoreCraft Podcast Website, just click the button below.

Fan Fiction Authors

This area is a bit different. I love Forum RP. And so I want to share that RP with my audience. We currently do a Fantasy Fables section in the podcast, but I want to allow fan fiction writers a chance to have their work appear on the website as well. These stories can be one-offs, or serials, but either way you will be officially published (on a small website, but official none-the-less)

We are looking for all types of stories. Happy, sad, angry, giggly, even goblin-centric if need be. The only thing we ask is that they are not overly vulgar or obscene. We have readers of all ages.

Each story will be read by me(Machik) prior to posting. If I have any questions, I will email directly so as to clear up any confusion.

So, if you wish to submit your story, just click the button below.