As I have been working on my Loremaster achievement, I run into all types of NPCs. For the first time ever, I completed the entirety of the Redridge Mountains, and I ran into John J Keeshan. Though he seems a bit comedic in many ways, if you actually delve into his story, it’s a sad tale.

But a tale that keeps you engaged the whole way.

John J Keeshan, Orc Killer

John participated in the First, Second, and Third Wars while serving in the Bravo Company. According to Wowpedia’s page on John, he served 248 consecutive tours of duty across all three wars under the orders of Colonel Troteman.   So if you’re a warrior playing, sword wielding, stud of a man, then Keeshan is who you aspire to be.

And through all those wars, he came back alive.

Unfortunately, his wife did not.  Jade Keeshan died during a Blackrock invasion.  The same Blackrocks that Keeshan was focused on killing.  He could protect many people, but he could not protect his true love.

A Prisoner and a Pariah

The Blackrocks captured John and held him in Render’s Rock, prior to Cataclysm. He was held for five years by the orcs who used and abused him. As he says in the quest This Ain’t My Warhe was imprisoned by “those filthy, crap-swilling, maggot orcs.” Prior to Cataclysm, it was our job as heroes to rescue poor John. And we did, and he was returned to Lakeshire.  And one would think it ends there.

With Cataclysm, we get a whole new quest chain, and we learn even more about John. On his return to Lakeshire, the general public regarded him with disdain. He is quoted as saying the townspeople were “spitting on me, protesting me, calling me a baby orc killer and all kinds of vile crap.”

So now this notable warrior has lost his wife and is viewed with contempt among the people he was charged to protect. So far he’s living a life I do not envy.

And of course it comes down to us, once again, to lift him up.

A Fight Club Warrior

We find him in the basement of the Lakeshire Inn, participating in some sort of Fight Club type group. And we inspire him to come back and help us. As the orcs are at it again.

We join John as we rescue the other four members of the Bravo Company. Once fully equipped the Bravo company heads out to rescue prisoners of war located in what is now known as Render’s Crater. Then you help them assault Stonewatch Keep. Eventually you fight a dragon.

Oh the adventures you go on.

But in the end, you begin to wonder. Is all of this part of John’s pent up anger at the death of his wife? At his imprisonment? At his treatment by the townspeople?

A Death of a Hero?

Finally, the dragon runs, taking John J Keeshan in his mouth as he heads over Lake Everstill. John is gone.  Bravo Company is dead.  And you are all that is left. To tell the heroic tales of John J Keeshan.

Or so you thought.

Without going to much into it, you run into John again in the Burning Steppes.  But it is his heroic deeds in Lakeshire that make him a legend.