Ickthid walked down the Orgimmar streets, hands clasped behind him, doing his best to whistle some kind of tune. It’s surprisingly difficult to whistle without lips.

A Goblin pushing a cart filled with an assortment of toys noticed Ickthid coming his way, and immediately turned and headed back the way he came. Oblivious to the negative reaction, the Rogue nodded in acknowledgment of the vendor.

Various profession shops to either side of him seemed to close their doors at the moment he came near them. “Closing time already?” He called out. His question was returned with silence.

Next, he came up to the orphanage. Children of an assortment of races played and carried on. All except for one. A small male Goblin in the back stood eerily still, staring wide-eyed at nothing in particular. A chill ran up Ickthid’s spine. He actually cowered in fear for a second or two.

“The Skin Taker.” He whispered.

Something just barely visible in the corner of his eye distracted him. He turned to see what it was but… it had vanished as quickly as he had noticed it. He snapped back to make sure the Skin Taker hadn’t moved, and fortunately for the Rogue, the child had not. It continued its unblinking stare.

Shuddering, Ickthid took a turn and walked down into The Drag. The Warlocks and Rogue trainers a welcome sight. The Warlocks tended to babble on about things Ickthid had little to no hope of understanding, but it was always fun to try to play along.

Another chill washed over Ickthid. The Rogue cowered again. Dread accompanied the temperature change, and yet again, something appeared just barely out of his range of vision. He turned to look, and just like before, the entity had disappeared.

The clatter of metal on stone snapped him back to the moment. Something had fallen out of his pocket. The dusty amulet he had drawn out of his bank lay on the ground beside him. Odd. He leaned down and picked it up, and was immediately surprised at how cold it felt. What with Ragefire Chasm a stone’s throw away, he was surprised anything was remotely chilled.

“Oh boy. Where did you steal that from, Ickthid?” A familiar Elven voice called out. Ickthid looked up from the amulet.

Tholmai Lightbreaker, one of the leaders of Ickthid’s guild, walked toward him from the nearby portal.

“Oh. This thingy? Found it in my bank. Dunno what it is.” He tried to wipe the dust from it yet again, to no avail.

“Let’s see it.” The Paladin extended a hand. Shrugging, Ickthid tossed the item over.

Almost as if triggered by touching the item, Tholmai cowered in fear. Just over the Paladin’s shoulder, something resembling a Shade appeared. Everything clicked into place. Ickthid understood what the item was.

“This thing is… it radiates evil. You should destroy it.” Tholmai recommended. He tossed the amulet back.

“Destroy this thing?” Ickthid replied after a brief moment cowering. “Absolutely not! There is so much potential for fun here!”

*Two days later*

Ickthid hid in the rafters of the Auction House. His target was quickly approaching. The Forsaken rubbed his hands together, almost too excited.

Invar Marris dismounted his warhorse and entered the building. He approached the nearest auctioneer and was more than distracted enough for Ickthid to continue his ingenious plan. Invar opened his knapsack and reached in, likely to withdraw some item to register on the auction house.

“Hey, Invar!” Ickthid shouted.

As planned, Invar looked away from his bag just long enough for Ickthid to drop the Haunted Memento in.

((The Haunted Memento is a white quality item that originated from the pre-launch events for Wrath of the Lich King. It is not obtainable outside of the Auction House or generous players.

The memento, once in your inventory, will occasionally cause your character to cower in fear, on top of having a shade follow you. The item has been hotfixed numerous times, and is no longer nearly as fun, but is still definitely worth having.))