This weeks story comes from Evolly, and was inspired by Hollymother.  Enjoy!

Helju eyeballed the herb. It was a simple one to pluck, no thorns or anything. The problem was the massive bear glowing just a bit green hanging out near it. He was pretty sure it was a bear that had wandered into some Fel energy and had somehow made it all the way here to sit on the precise herb he needed. He looked to his sister. “Wha do ya make a it?”

Hitju shrugged. “Ya heal, I stab. We could kill it.”

Helju shrugged back and gestured towards the bear. “Ladies first, mon.”

He had barely waved his hand towards the bear before Hitju was already deep in the fight. And getting hurt. Helju frantically threw up a shield and tried his best healing her. Nope. This was a mistake. She was fighting valiantly, but rather obviously outmatched. His healing was only delaying the enviable, which would mean he would quickly follow. There had to be a way out of this…

A sudden flash of light shot down out of the sky, the bear falling over well crisped. Helju quickly dragged his sister away from the carcass, throwing another heal spell over her wounds has he did so. His eyes cast around frantically, knowing full well that only someone very skilled could have done that. At least skilled enough that they could be a problem themselves. His eyes alighted on a griffin, causing him to curse under his breath. They were dead now.

The griffin settled on the ground, the human on its back quickly dismounting. He leaned down and picked the waiting herb. “Exactly what I needed!” He did a quick wave at the siblings before mounting back up and flying off.

Helju just stared in disbelief at the Alliance who just carried away his prize. His sister was already standing, inspecting the bear. She snorted and kicked at it in frustration. “I can’t skin dis.”