This past week we talked about Baine Bloodhoof, the strong yet humble Chieftain of the Shu’halo.  I thought it was appropriate to bring you the story of a Shu’halo that gave her life while living quietly among the plains and bluffs of Mulgore, Greatmother Unaya Hawkwind.  But before we get there, we are officially changing the name of this section!

I want to thank Jarnkoldur for suggesting this title in the most recent version of what was “The Little People.”  The new name, which I thought was so appropriately fitting, is now “Portraits of Warcraft.”

And now that the announcement has been made, let’s move on to the Greatmother!

Greatmother Unaya Hawkwind: A Chieftains Mother

There is little known of Greatmother Unaya.  Prior to the Cataclysm, Unaya lived among the simple Shu’halo of Camp Narache in Mulgore.  She was an elder of the village, and made it her job to take care of the all those that called Camp Narache home.  This is not unlike the elder women of villages of old that would watch over the children and take care of those that became sick or injured.

We first met her when her sone, Chief Hawkwind, sent us out to search for her.  She was last seen heading towards a water well to the southeast of Camp Narache.

And so, as an adventurer we went.  And we found her.  Though rather than fight an enemy brigade or slay a centaur charging Unaya, she asked us simply to take a water pitcher from the well and bring it to her son.

She taught us that even the most humblest of tasks is worth doing, and worth doing right.

The Quillboar Threat

In our time as a protector of Camp Narache, we were summoned by Brave Windfeather in Red Cloud Mesa.  He asked that we help in the fight against the qullboars by killing their leader, Chief Sharptusk Thornmantle.

And so we went.  And took the head of Sharptusk back to Windfeather.  But that did end the quillboars thirst to destroy the Shu’halo.  Instead, a new leader arose.  And this leader was just as vicious.

Chief Squealer Thornmantle.

And then the Cataclysm happened.

The Greatmother Perishes

Confusion reigned as the very land buckled and changed during the Cataclysm.  The landscape of Red Cloud Mesa shifted, and it was then that Chief Squealer Thornmantle found his opportunity.

The Quillboar attacked!

In the fighting Thornmantle found the Greatmother and attacked.  The humble Shu’halo fell, mortally wounded.

Thornmantle ran, knowing that his death would soon follow if he stayed around.  But he was found and killed by an adventurer.  Though the Greatmother went home to the Earthmother, her memory will not be forgotten.

And so Chief Hawkwind directs new adventurers to remember Greatmother Unaya Hawkwind as the begin their training.

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