Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik continues trekking through the Broken Isles on his druid, and our guest host Floonrand, explains how little time he has spent in Azeroth.

Fantasy Fables

We are completely changing the Fantasy Fables section.  We will no longer be searching for new stories, as it takes time and energy that we’d rather spend in other areas.  So, instead, we are asking for submissions.  Toss Machik and email, and he’ll add it to the Fantasy Fables storyline!

Addon Review – Storyline and Immersion

This week we add a new section to the podcast. Machik will be exploring roleplay and lore based addons when time allows it. Last week we had an email that included information on the Storyline addon. Machik explores that addon and the Immersion addon during this week’s segment.

Main Topic – Floonrand and Roleplay

Floonrand joins us as a special guest host. Being fairly new at roleplay, Machik thought it was a fine time to ask some questions of Floon. Why did he begin roleplaying in the latest expansion? What are his character’s like? And how did he enjoy his first every roleplay experience?

Join us as Floon shares his experience being part of Machik’s roleplay clan.

Questions and Answers

  • Good Grief @rockperkins
  • @thelorecraft #craftiequestions What climax do you think the lore is eventually leading toward? Does it take on a Tolkien style cycle where
  • @thelorecraft we overcome various incarnations of the same evil until there’s an eventual renewal of the world? Do we conquer Sargeras and
  • @thelorecraft thereby elevate ourselves into a Pantheon of our own? Or do we just putter on in McGuffinism?

Reader Emails

Saiisil and Tama both come at us this week with some wonderful comments. Saiisil clarifies his seven human kingdoms question from the previous week and chimes in about Mary Sues.  And he forgives Machik for his inability to use correct pronunciation when reciting fantasy character names.

Tama asks the age old question – “What brought you into lore.” Machik and Floon answer to the best of their abilities, but it’s harder than it sounds.

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