Introduction and General Weeks Events

Yamino is back with us this week, but alas, she has still not seen the movie.  So we are fully mum on the movie this week, no worries on spoilers.

Yamion partook in the game of Garrison this week, winning at all costs.  It seems like Machik did the same.  Hence, it will be called World of Garrisoncraft from here on out (or at least until this post is finished.)

Fantasy Fables

Legren went way back this week, finding a story from 2014.  Having said that, he picked something that teases the reader, so he is to be commended.

Oh, that’s all I’m telling you, so enjoy the tease.

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Main Topic – The Empire of Zul

We move back into the Chronicle this week, and finally discuss a race that started out “fleshy,” as Legren likes to call it.  The trolls were the first race on Azeroth that was not in some way a Titan protector.

The created multiple wonderful tribes, then fought each other, then fought the C’Thraxxi, then fought each other, and continued to fight.  Did I mention they like war?

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Farmer Gerald brings up a pretty good question about the weakest link in the two factions.  And of course the answer varied among the hosts, who began to bicker.

Those sill hosts.

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