Introduction and General Weeks Events

We go old school this week, as Machik is the only one left standing. And like usual, we find out he is working hard, and at times, hardly working. And of course we hope Yamino is better for next week and Legren finds a bit of time to say hi.

Fantasy Fables

We are completely changing the Fantasy Fables section.  We will no longer be searching for new stories, as it takes time and energy that we’d rather spend in other areas.  So, instead, we are asking for submissions.  Toss Machik and email, and he’ll add it to the Fantasy Fables storyline!

Main Topic – Druid Artifacts

This week Machik decided to explore the druid artifact weapons, now that he is once again a Tauren druid. He looks at all four – Fangs fo Ashamane, G’Hanir, the Mother Tree, Claws of Ursoc, and Scythe of Elune. Of course all of this is done with a focus on the lore.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

A big thank you to Saiisil and Lurz this week for some wonderfully insightful emails. Saiisil discusses which character death should be most important to the Warcraft universe, while also bringing some thought provoking ideas about DK babies. Lurz, on the other hand, delves into The Oracle.

And if you’re unsure about who The Oracle is, then listen to this week’s episode.

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