Introduction and General Weeks Events

We have officially hit episode 70, which itself is impressive.  So how did Legren and Machik celebrate this weeks episode in the game of WoW?  Well, they didn’t play WoW.  Legren kept himself busy with this thing called real life, and Machik got hooked once again on Heroes of the Storm.

And Yamino?

Well, she was sick and didn’t visit the podcast till later in the episode.  So let’s hope she carried on the Warcraft playing for all three hosts!

Fantasy Fables


Legren was extremely busy and could not find a story that would work this week.  So we’ll be bringing you your fables next week!

You can read last weeks story at

Main Topic – Class/Race Combos

Last week the discussion of class/race combos came up, and Machik thought it would be a pretty good idea to talk about what works and what doesn’t work.  So Legren and Machik begin, and then Yamino shows up to toss in her two cents.

Oh, and she hates Night Elf Mages.  In case you were curious.

Questions and Answers

None this week.  Which makes us sad.  Toss us your questions!

Reader Emails

Farmer Gerald is a saviour to the podcast, as he has another wonderful email for us this week.  And talk about running the gamut of subjects.  I’ll let you listen to the podcast to hear all about it.

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Hi there, Machik here.  I love the LoreCraft Podcast and bringing all of the fabulous lore and roleplay to you guys.  When this podcast started in August 2014, I had no idea I’d still be sharing my excitement of the lore this long.  Over the years I have handled all the financial details involved with the podcast myself.

But now I need your help.

This is a passion and love of mine, so the podcast will continue to be created as long as I love the game, but your support can help enhance it.  Stop over to our Patreon page and think about tossing a dollar or two our way.  The money we back goes back into the podcast, covering hosting fees, website fees, etc. along with allowing us to purchase prizes for the giveaways we do.

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