Introduction and General Weeks Events

After two weeks our hosts are finally back. Well, actually, Yamino couldn’t make it due to guests in town. Floon was busy with a family situation. Um, so, yeah, you only get Machik today. But at least he played some Warcraft his week.

But he complains a lot today, so please forgive him.

Fantasy Fables

No fable this week. But if you have something you’d like to send, make sure to mail it to We like to support our fans as much as you support us!

Addon Review

None this week.

Main Topic – Centaur History 101

Centaurs. They are the bane of the Tauren’s existence. They are barbaric, vicious, cruel and vile. But, they love their mother.

WAIT, WHAT? They are not offspring of Cenarius?

This is crazy! But indeed, we learn this week that the Centaurs are the bastard children of a stag-like creature and an earth elemental. And of course, they kill their father and marry their mother.

Hmm, no, that was Oedipus. The do kill their father though. They create five clans. And live peacefully ever after.

Certainly, if by peace you mean death and destruction. So, sit back and learn a bit about the Centaurs!

Questions and Answers

It is a sad day when we don’t get any questions on Twitter. Machik qq’ed constantly due to the lack of questions. The poor Tauren.

Reader Emails

Now here you all are doing it right. You’ve given us not 1, not 2, but 3 emails this week.  And we extrapolated some wonderful discussions… oh wait. It was only Machik. So, of course, he couldn’t keep quiet as he chatted about Christie Golden, bug people, and blue Tauren.

Confused? Liste to the podcast to find out.

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