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John J Keeshan – Unsung Hero

As I have been working on my Loremaster achievement, I run into all types of NPCs. For the first time ever, I completed the entirety of the Redridge Mountains, and I ran into John J Keeshan. Though he seems a bit comedic in many ways, if you actually delve into his story, it’s a sad tale. But a tale that keeps you engaged the whole way. John J Keeshan, Orc Killer John participated in the First, Second, and Third Wars while serving in the Bravo Company. According to Wowpedia’s page on John, he served 248 consecutive tours of duty...

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Krennan Aranas – A Chemist and a Savior

Welcome to another installment of The Little People.  Without the bit characters to add depth to the stories of the major heroes, we wouldn’t have a World of Warcraft to travel through.  Since our most recent podcast dealt with that part-worgen/part-human leader Genn Greymane, I thought it important to share a little information about one of the most powerful chemists in Azeroth, Krennan Aranas. Krennan Aranas Creates the Cure Aranas creates a very important potion for Greymane during the birth of his daughter Tess.  If not for the concoction of Aranas, Tess would have perished.  This would have been doubly worse,...

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