Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik partook in a two person roleplay. So at least he’s gotten back into the swing of things. Yamino was a mog run fiend. And is searching for mythic dunegons for Suramar. Legren has finally gotten a toon to Kara.  This is an exciting step for our favorite orc.

So the hosts, well they’ve been busy.

Fantasy Fables

Legren pulled out a nice one this time around. We get to meet Takkala.  Takkala was once the leader of the Earthspear Clan. Then we meet Legren.  Legren is one magnificent orc. And then we see Legren’s downfall.

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Main Topic – Night Elves Post Sundering

So how did the night elves get to be the tree loving hippies that we know today? First there was the fleeing to Mount Hyjal.  Finding Illidan.  Imprisoning Illidan.  And fighting the satyr.  All in the span of only 700 years.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Only a single email this week, but luckily it hits us in three parts. From Blood Elf Death Knights to warlocks using shadow energy instead of fel, Saiisil keeps us on our toes.

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