Introduction and General Weeks Events

Only Legren and Machik were available this week as Yamino was on a bit of a sabbatical. And surprisingly enough, both of them were active in the Warcraft world this week.  Getting prepped for the patch that is bound to drop soon!

Fantasy Fables

Legren and Machik completely butcher the story this week.  Multiple miscues and giggles, mispronunciations and terrible reading.  But they do eventually get through the entire story.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – The Highmountain Tribes and Transmog News

The Highmountain Tribes!  In comic form.  Brilliant!  But it seems that all is not well among the tribes.  If you want to read the comic, head HERE, and if you want to SEE the comic, head HERE.

And then Machik and Legren take you on a discussion of the new Transmog system and what your armor means to your character.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Three great emails this week.  We begin with an argument about death knights.  And of course Machik is quite vociferous with his opinions.  Then we continue on with a discussion of game lore versus world lore.  And then we finish up with Vrykuls, Valhalla, and war.  Yes, it’s a busy night of emails.

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