Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week we find out that the crew isn’t doing a ton of stuff in WoW, but Machik does mention wanting to start a LoreCraft Guild.

And I have news for you!

He did!

If you want to be part of the Lorecraft Society, jump over to the Wyrmrest Accord server and find an officer.  And let them know you are a #craftie!

Fantasy Fables

Legren has perfected the female voice.  But he does indeed have trouble with the dwarven female voice.  This week he makes another go at it.

You can read the rest at

Main Topic – Primordial Azeroth

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume I continues to give us content to chat about.  This time around we focus on the elements and the old gods.

What was it like on Azeroth during those years?  Listen and find out.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Farmer Gerald has returned once again.  I think he may be coming up on a record for consecutive days worth of emails.  Though he almost got us with a spoiler, we were quick to not talk about it on the podcast.  On the other hand, he does bring up some good questions about healing.

And this week is special because we received TWO emails.  Our second email comes from Kreygaron and brings our focus back to the Titans.

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