Introduction and General Weeks Events

Everything is backward this week.  This week Yamino managed to get into WoW and have some fun, and Legren and Machik were busy doing other things.

But fear not, it was Yamino that pushed Legren to play with dragons this week.  On the other hand Machik was busing actually working.  Ridiculous, he needs to play more WoW.

Fantasy Fables

Legren has one job.  Find us a Fantasy Fable each week.  And he’s very good at finding those stories.  But due to his nap this week, we lost out on our Fantasy Fable.  Remember though, if you have a story that you’d like to share, make sure to send it our way.

And next week I won’t let Legren nap.

Main Topic – Jastor Gallywix

He is the official Trade Prince of the goblins, even if he did end up in that position in a shady way.  How did he manage to become the Trade Prince?  And what is all this fuss about a cookie?

We try to answer those questions for you this week.  But of course the argument devolves into whether Hellscream was a good villain.  So enjoy!


Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Alas, still no reader emails this week.  You make a sad Machik even sadder.

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