Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week, Machik managed to kill lots of evil Azerothian bad guys with his pig-tailed gnome.  Legren roleplayed for hours on end with his brand new guild on Wyrmrest Accord.  And Yamino, poor Yamino, was stuck in another game for an entire week.

Please keep Yamino in your thoughts as we try and bring her back to the WoW side.

Fantasy Fables

This week we had an entry sent for our Fantasy Fables section.  And though it’s a bit different than past fables, it’s quite fascinated.  Sent to us by Jarnkoldur, it’s written in verse, rather than prose.

Oh, and did I mention you’ll see Legren Stoneaxe in the story?

If you want to read the entire piece, just head over to and it’ll send you to the full post.  Enjoy!

Main Topic – Orcs Leadership

Humans versus Orcs.  That’s how this whole war really started.  And though the humans have their definitive leader in Varian Wyrnn, the orcs seem to be currently listless when it comes to strong warchiefs.

Yes, yes, Vol’jin is the Warchief of the Horde, but who speaks for the orcs?  Who will fight for the fel infused monsters that are not native to Azeroth.  That is what we try to answer this week.

Questions and Answers

Two questions!  Two questions!

Reader Emails

Alas, still no reader emails this week.  You make a sad Machik even sadder.

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