Welcome to another installment of The Little People.  Without the bit characters to add depth to the stories of the major heroes, we wouldn’t have a World of Warcraft to travel through.  Since our most recent podcast dealt with that part-worgen/part-human leader Genn Greymane, I thought it important to share a little information about one of the most powerful chemists in Azeroth, Krennan Aranas.

Krennan Aranas Creates the Cure

Aranas creates a very important potion for Greymane during the birth of his daughter Tess.  If not for the concoction of Aranas, Tess would have perished.  This would have been doubly worse, as Genn would have no heir, as his son died during the Battle for Gilneas.  As it stands, by saving Tess, the royal line can continue on.

Shrotly after the Worgen curse moved through Gilneas, Aranas created a partial cure for the curse that helps Greymane keep his humanity.  Though not a full cure, the potion is somewhat of a savior for those Gilneans affected by the curse.

Aranas also assisted in the rescue of Greymane during the Forsaken attacks on Gilneas.  Lord Godfrey had learned of the kings curse, and was willing to give him to the Forsaken.  But Aranas sends an adventurer (you during the Worgen starting area) to save Greymane.

A Minor Character with Major Implications

By now you’ve noticed that without Krennan Aranas, the Gilnean people would have been lost.  Greymane might have given into the full viciousness of the Worgen form.  Greymane’s daughter may have died shortly after childbirth.  And Greymane may never have escaped the clutches of Lord Godfrey or the Forsaken.

But in the end Aranas saves the day.  So fear not, even those lowly characters have a chance to make a name for themselves and keep the story in Warcraft moving forward.

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